Wonders of Nature: Cañon del Sumidero, Mexico

Driving past Tuxtla Gutierrez from our visit to the childrens’ home Hogar Infantil in Ocozocoautla, we passed a bridge that offered us a peek into one of the most impressive canyons in Central America: Cañon del Sumidero. A few miles east of the city you find this canyon created by the mighty Rio Grijalva which runs northwards through it. In 1981 this river was dammed with a hydro electric dam, which calmed down the river so it became navigable for boatmen. The hydroelectric dam collects almost 1/3 of the energy need of the entire country. Part of this energy is exported to other Central American countries.

Visit by boat
Several boating companies offer their services to take you into the canyon on a 2 hour trip. We chose the operator directly next to the bridge at the Cauhuare embarkation point as it offered us a place to camp and stay the night in an adjacent street. Next morning at 10am we boarded a small motor boat that would take us on a 33km ride throughout the canyon. We were visiting in rainy season (september) and few other visitors to the canyon were there. The trip is 190 MXN per person (11 EUR).

Early in the morning it is a bit cold and windy in the canyon and animals that live in the area use to come out when the sun is a little higher up.  The entry of the canyon surprised us with several beautiful waterfalls, lots of birds circling over the canyon and of course the incredible view several hundred meters up. As you progress through the canyon, you’ll start to see the walls towering above you: at their highest point, from the surface of the water you will look up at walls a staggering 2,640 feet or 800m high. On the way back we spotted some large crocodiles with bright orange butterflies resting on its nose, which Steve managed to capture on camera.

A visit to this wonder of nature should not miss on your itinerary when you visit the area. It is easy to organize yourself or take a tour directly from Tuxtla Gutierrez or San Cristobal de las Casas.

Earth continues to show us her most precious places if we know where to look. As long as they will be preserved on our overcrowded planet, we are able to visit them. With love we present a series called Wonders of Nature. Special places in Central and South America that should be on anyones wish list to visit. As long as they are still here..

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