Traveling back to Holland

On april 28th 2019 we started the long journey back to Holland where we will spend a few summer months with family and friends. The entire journey would take about 26 hours door to door: one international flight from San José to Cancun, then a 4-hour stopover to continue on a intercontinental flight through the night to Brussels Airport. We slowly got ourselves in flight/ long travel mode: make it a joy and a bit of a party too. It’s gonna be long, it requires a lot of patience and we won’t have a moment to ourselves. Once you know and embrace that, travel with small children can be a joy.

We often get the question: ‘how do you do travel with two such small children?’. This journey, our daughter is 3,5 and our boy 1,5 and yes I can say: it takes everything you got. The suggestion to make it a party, is the mindset that has helped us a lot the past few years. Yes, they will cry, yes they will puke, no they won’t eat, no they will sleep too little, yes they will run through the plane back and forth if you let them, yes they will be over the moon seeing new things and most importantly: for them it is a big adventure. We decided to join them in the adventure and prepare it as best as we can. So this is how we do it:

Before we book flights, we calculate their sleeping times. When would they go for a nap in their normal local, Costa Rican time? We plan that nap so they don’t get overly tired. This time we made a stopover at Cancun airport an we picnicked right in front of the Starbucks, sitting on a blanket we brought, sharing a nice iced-tea. An airport picnick is something they really love and it brought fun to our stop-over as well.

We booked a night flight, so they can sleep early, right after dinner is served. We do not wait for the airplane dinner, we cook their favorite food, bring it with us and give it to them as soon as we are in the air and the fasten seatbelt sign is off. This flight they both were fast asleep even before the airplane dinner was served.

Vesper was sleeping on my lap and after an hour I could not move my arm anymore. So I decided to put him on the floor next to his sister. She was sleeping on an airmatrass at our feet, surrounded by her teddy bears. We kept a space for Vesper to sleep on the matrass as well. Unfortunately he woke up in trying to put him down. Wide awake, we walked the subsequent three hours up and down the aircraft with him before he was tired enough to fall asleep again (on my lap haha). Isa slept the full seven hours the plane was in midflight. Awesome!

Once we got off the plane, which we always do last so we can gather everything with ease and without stress, we had to manage to get through security and pick up the bags. Explaining what we are doing and what we have to do next, helps a lot in getting the kids along the steep hike through the airport. My father picked us up at Brussels airport and we drove the last 1,5 hours back to my hometown Sliedrecht to spend the first few days with my parents and family, before heading to Enschede. Here we spend a few days with Stevens parents and cleaned the mobile home that is our space for the coming months. It was great seeing everyone again and putting foot in our beloved mobile home in the middle of the Dutch pastures again.

We are spending time as a family, enjoying to be back for a bit, building fires, exploring new things and both our kids go back to the kindergarten farm they loved so much last year while we were back in Holland. We will post some more about that soon. Currently we are busy preparing a business bootcamp for startup entrepreneurs who wish to build a location independent business and design a life (more) on their own terms. In these training weeks we share everything we have learned the past years: lifestyle design and entrepreneurship to the max! If you are interested to read more about that, check out our business page.

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