Startupbus?? Startup Rollercoaster

I (steven) found a couple of minutes to let you guys know how we are doing. We are in the bus and are almost at the american boarder and he first 40 hours of Startupbus are behind us. In those 40 hours we slept about 3 hours. The rest we spent working, working and eating. This project shouldn’t be called Startupbus but Startuprollercoaster. We feel tired, hungry, thirsty, energized, satisfied, engaged and very much alive!

When I look to my left there is a mexican writing code on his computer and when I look right, Diana is blogging, tweeting and working on her project and I am working on mine. The goal of Startupbus is to create a company from sctratch with a group of strangers in less than 72 hours while driving on a bus from San Luis Potosi, Mexico to Austin, Texas. This means Diana and I both have our own team on the bus and we are building two really exciting companies. For more informtion about Diana’s project called Bunch of Locals click here. For more about my project called Spott, click here.

I have to get back to my team. Before I do that I want to say this is one of the coolest things I have ever done and you should keep an eye on all the tweets ond blogs because we are going to Austin to win and we have the experience that once we set your mind to something it is going to happen, one way or the other.

P.S. for some impressions from the first days, these are some photo’s I took.

P.S.2. Without our sponsors im, Bas, Lars, Esther, Jordy, Andre, Arja, Ja this would not have been possible! Thank you!

Steven Zwerink
[email protected]
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