Shipping (y)our car to Isla Holbox

The last few months we have been trying to decide where we would go after our great time in San Cristobal de las Casas. Because we finally have all the paperwork for the car arranged it was really tempting to go into Guatemala for the first time with the bus. But since we are flying home in only a few weeks we decided to stay in Mexico and pick on of the spots we love the most: Isla Holbox. Our only challenge: we didn’t know if we could take the bus to the island since there are only golf carts allowed and nobody has ever done it..

But we are born on a sunday so we started googling and asking fellow travellers to find out if it could be done. We couldn’t find a single blog, persons or forum that could tell us if it was possible to shop your bus to the island. We decided to trust that it would all work out OK and take a chance. We drove to Chiquila (the harbor) and asked there if it was possible tok take your car on to the island. ‘No! no es possible’ was the answer everywhere. We decided to park the bus in the harbor for now and just go to the hostel we had booked and ask there. The owner of our beautiful hostel Ida y Vuelta, David, told us that it was no problem to ship the car and we could park the car on his campsite. The guys in the harbor just want you to park there and that is why they tell you it is not possible. So on saturday afternoon we went to the harbor and found the captain of the car-ferry and asked him for the price and the time (we were crossing our fingers that it would not be too expensive). The price was only 730 pesos (40 euros) and we could ship on monday morning at 6.00 AM.

So we set our alarm for that monday at 5.00 AM, went to the harbor and this was the result:

Note: If you would like to ship your car to this paradise, it can be done! You cannot drive while on the island but you are allowed to take drive it to your parking place (which you have to arrange on the island). While writing this, we are in the process of arranging an RV place at the campsite of Ida y Vuelta so keep an eye on their website or contact us if you want to know more.

Steven Zwerink
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