Saying goodbye and saying hello!

‘Saying goodbye and saying hello are more related than one might think..’ This beautiful line was sent to us by Saskia (diana’s sister), written on a card and attached to a small heart..

Our hearts felt small and heavy these last few days before our final goodbyes, you could see right through us..Nonetheless, saying goodbye to something means saying hello to something else. Closing one door means opening another. We chose to close the door to our lives in Amsterdam for now with a final goodbye party in Amsterdam (for party pics, click here). It was a beautiful evening with all our family and friends and Steven decided to open a new door immediately by proposing to Diana that same evening!! Want to know how he did it? Since we are digital nomadz, we have posted his proposal here;). Luckily Diana said yes and we added another exciting emotion to the roller coaster we have been going through the last weeks saying goodbye and preparing for our departure, a wonderful feeling! After a lot of hugging, kissing and crying on saturday we finally said goodbye to our family at Schiphol Airport on monday. It felt weird closing the door to our house and life in Amsterdam but after getting on the plane we knew we closed it for a reason!

The first door we opened was one to a unique island in Mexico called Isla Holbox. We are staying in a place that fits our recent mariage plans (a little luxury), our clients and families needs to stay in contact (internet) and our need for a tan (sun). You can find the pictures of our first days here.

Before heading down to Puebla to celebrate Christmas with our sweet friend Claudia and her family, we decided to take a small roadtrip to explore this beautiful country a bit more. There are so many awesome things to see and do in Mexico and neighboring countries, we want to seize the opportunity and absorb a lot of it.

Tomorrow, on December 10th, we will leave beautiful Isla Holbox behind and spend a day or two in Playa del Carmen, a small village south of Cancun.
We might visit the Mayan city of  Chitzén Itza or dive a limestone freshwater hole which are called cenotes. That actually would be our first bucket list item given to us by Pieter and Paco.

Depending on the weather, we take a bus that crosses the Mexican border at Chetumal to pay beautiful Belize a visit for a couple of days. Diving the great blue hole at the Lighthouse Reef from Caye Caulker and being surrounded by five species of shark seems like a dream. That also sits on our bucket list and was given to us by our friends Cynthia and Sven.

Continuing onwards from Belize City to Flores to visit the Mayan city of Tikal. From there take a bus to Palenque to stay at Mishol-ha and visit the Mayan city of Palenque and the waterfalls of Agua Azul. From there it takes us another two days to arrive in Puebla just before Christmas around December 24th. In the mean time we will keep u posted via this website, our tweets and Facebook. Make sure to let us know how you are doing!!

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