Pura Vida in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca

The sound of howler monkeys is coming from the jungle behind our house. The sun is rising somewhere behind the trees. And if we listen carefully we can hear the waves that makes all the surfers come here crashing at the beach. Our two kids just woke up because they heard the monkeys and they want to go outside and watch them. The day has started. Another day in the  beautiful paradise of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a small Caribbean surf village where jungle meets ocean.

We have setup our camp in a typical Carribean style house just outside of the village. This means we are close enough to all the restaurants, shops and the bakery but far away from the party noise that is also part of the vibe here. We are thankful for the two airconditioned rooms because the mixture of tropical rain and high temperatures creates a humidity we have not felt many times before.

The house is located only one minute from a beautiful beach where monkeys and sloths just hang around in the trees. A big garden makes a perfect playground for the kids. Solid wifi is all we need to get our work done. A laundry machine to clean the limited amount of clothes we cary. A gym on one side of the house. A yoga school on the other side. A french bakery just fifty meters down the road.  And two co-working spaces with high speed internet and strong coffee in case we need it. Honey we are home:)

We will probably stay in Puerto Viejo for the coming two months to really experience the unique vibe this part of Costa Rica has to offer. Expect some updates of our lives here, the beautiful school we found for our daughter and our plans for the coming year soon:) Below you can find some  pictures of the first weeks here!

Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in pictures

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