Our projects

Lifestyle company

While on the road in 2012, people kept asking us: how to you work remotely and travel at the same time? How do you make money? How do you prepare for such a life? How do I build a life doing the work I love? We started a dutch blog called Wonderlijk Werken to answer all the questions we got via email. From there it grew into a company as we hosted our first business startup bootcamp for Dutch clients in Mexico in august of 2013. Our company followed us wherever we went. We told stories of change from our own lives: going from a corporate career to (remote) entrepreneurship and full-time travel. We found a way to live on our own terms (in the broadest sense of the word) and inspire others to do the same. Since the start, many have trained with us to get the hang of setting and guarding their own boundaries that, with persistence and focus, will lead them to a life on their own terms and based on a set of values core important to their person. To fuel all of the change, we help people set up their own startup company with their their unique gift to the world as a starting point.

Business life

We organize an online business program for dutch people looking to start a life as a digital nomad. We also help people rediscover their spark after burn-out or after being let go by their employer. Often this endeavour becomes an entrepreneurial one. We also run a program to start a business from scratch, testing the market, building on the idea of the entrepreneur to be. Besides the online programs, we offer 7-days business startup bootcamps at various locations in the world. Wherever we go, we teach and train: in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain (Tenerife) and The Netherlands. We both hold an university level Master in Economics (Diana) and Marketing (Steven) but the majority of our knowledge and skill is autodidactical, or self-taught. In the content of our training programs you’ll find a myriad of entrepreneurship experiences we had over the years as well as skills we use to help build businesses. Think of building startup websites, creating marketing strategies, designing services and effective communication processes with customers. Since 2012 we worked with over 200 beautiful people. Almost all of them are (still) in business now, several of them found a better fit with an employer. But it is safe to say every single one of them, somehow, found a way to live and work more on their own terms. Which is our promise as business owners and we are proud and humbled for being able to serve so many by being who we are and sharing what we know.

Our documentary ‘Achter de Horizon’

In 2016 we set out on a journey together with two young and aspiring filmmakers to shoot our own documentary called Behind The Horizon (Achter de Horizon). We travelled from Mexico to Costa Rica in two antique volkswagen busses in order two help the filmmakers discover some answers. Answers to big life questions they had and believed more people were struggling with. We visited unique places ands communities, met extraordinary people and made a once in a life time journey. Wat ch the documentary now for free and let us know what you think!