Our journey south has begun

Have you ever felt like a bird? Being able to fly off whenever you want? Not knowing where you’ll land, what you will eat, where you will sleep and who you will meet? All you can do is trust your instinct and head south. Why? Not because everybody is going there but because your gut tells you. As far as there is land, you will go south. You are not in a hurry at all. Kilometer by kilometer you head on visiting places you never thought you would ever discover. Places that are not featured in a guidebook but should be. You have time to look around, to let it sink in, to live in the moment. There is no yesterday and no tomorrow. Just the South.

From now on, that is our life. Everyday again. We are moving south in our 40 year old Volkswagen bus. If we are having fun somewhere we can stay longer. If we find a place where people need our help? Then we must stay longer. Meanwhile we love to work on projects that have purpose and make a bit of money to continue our journey South. Even if this means that sometimes we have to continue the journey onwards to be able to work while we travel.

Together Steven and I will find a new balance in this life of uncertainty. Life of nomadic travel and work. We don’t know our route, nor do we know where we are going or staying. We don’t know about the endurance of our VW van. We have no idea where we will find electricity to cook some food, WiFi to work or running water to take a shower. Where we will find that bag of ice to revive our refrigerator box. We don’t know how far our bank accounts stretch or if we will be able to make money on the way South while traveling. Some people would hate all this uncertainty, the inability to plan anything. But we can tell you it is actually very liberating when you are part of it. To feel free like a bird!

One thing is certain though: our compasses are directed heads South! Soon we will leave Mexico after a period of being 10 months in this country we fell in love with it on day one. But we have to leave, we need this change of scenery and uncertainty. Next week we will travel to Guatemala. The first new country on our way South for a long time to come.

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  • Pauline
    Posted at 04:58h, 31 August

    Lieve Steven en Diana,

    Mooie tekst, ik wens jullie heel veel plezier, succes en mooie nieuwe avonturen op jullie trek naar het Zuiden! Klinkt als vogels die naar het Zuiden vliegen.
    Komt daar de uitdrukking ” zo vrij als een vogel” vandaan?