Our first weeks in Playa del Carmen: pregnant and happy

We have moved to Playa del Carmen about two weeks ago and we are having a great time. Our house and our neighbourhood are the perfect mix of Mexican Culture with a little luxury. We have everything we need in less than two blocks: supermarket, gym, laundry service, restaurants, etc.. Diana is doing great and our little baby nomad is growing accordingly:) We went to a beautiful pregnancy course hosted by our German midwife Aneke. We learned about the baby, the birth and through guided meditation we got in touch with ourselves, the baby and our (grand)parents. We can’t wait for this new life to join us but it looks like it will be a few more weeks (Diana is now in week 37). We have prepared a nice closet for our baby stuff and from now we will just enjoy these last weeks with the two of us and try to get some sleep:)

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Steven Zwerink
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