Isa’s summer at the farm

Isa loves to play outside, get dirty and be around animals. We thought it would be great for her to spend some time at a farm in the summer of 2018 while we would be in Holland. At a daycare / kindergarten farm in the vincinity of Steven’s home city Enschede. We did not know exactly at the time where our mobile home would be located, so we looked at various options. We researched it online while being in Mexico before we traveled to Holland in April of 2018. We found two farms that offer daycare and preschool activities on and around the farm: Kindergarten ‘De Bonte Koe‘ in Losser (Overijssel) and Kindergarten ‘De speelboerderij‘ in Sint Isodorushoeve (Haaksbergen, Overijssel). We checked out their websites and put them on our ‘to visit’ list once we would be on the ground in Holland.


Meanwhile we found a mobile home in the small village of Haaksbergen, close to ‘De Speelboerderij’. We visited the farm and fell in love with the place and the lady who runs it immediately. A very similar way of looking at the development of kids and the nice atmosphere at the farms daycare, made us go for it. The first few months, Isa would go to the farm from 08.45 to 13.00. We would pick her up and she could take her afternoon sleep in the mobile home. She loved it there. In the beginning it took her a while to feel at home at the farm. Simple things like a vaccuum cleaner would surprise her as she had seen few of those up until then ;-), in Mexico and other countries we would use a broom to clean! She made her first Dutch friends and got back into speaking Dutch perfectly here.


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