Going offline for 8 weeks for our second maternity and paternity leave!

It is almost time to welcome our second baby (a boy :-)), into the world.


We are preparing, getting ready, physically but more than anything mentally to receive him. To create space in our lives, in our minds to start building a life as a family of four. We are ready to cut out screens more and more, the last Skype call has been executed, all running clients are informed and prepared for, each in their own unique way fitting their process. I am 38 weeks pregnant today and feeling very ready. We are extremely grateful this is happening to us and we feel chosen to receive another child. Our baby boy will see his first light in Playa del Carmen, with the same midwife (and if needed, medical team) who helped bring his big sister into this world. We enjoy the time to come, with the three of us here in Mexic and we are very happy to receive Stevens parents, my own parents, Stevens brother Lars and a good friend of Stevens, Paco, to join in our happiness. For now, so long! We will be back!

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