Getting rid of stuff feels great!

The clock is ticking. On december 5th we will get on a plane and leave holland for a longer period of time. A scary decision but our intuition is guiding us and we feel we have to do this. A lot of people ask us if it doesn’t feel scary to get rid of all our stuff and leave with only each other and two backpacks. I can tell you it is scary but also liberating.

While preparing for our journey we are able to eliminate a lot of things we spend a lifetime compiling that have actually no or very limited purpose in our lives. Even though we started off with a lot of debate about each object we felt like keeping, we quickly came up with the “one box’ idea: we both have one box that we can leave behind with our personal stuff, everything else will be either given away, sold or thrown away. This forces you to make decisions and look critically at the stuff you are saving and thus-far we have sold or given away:

– an iMac
– one MacBook
– one TomTom
– thirty two books
– two suitcases
– six bags of clothes (five bags from diana of course ;))
– etc…

Doing this feels really good. It clears both your house and your mind. We can really recommend you to do the same! In the short movie below Graham Hill explains even more thoroughly why getting rid of some of your stuff can actually bring you more happiness.. So you don’t have to leave your house like we did to get rid of some stuff and live a happier life, you can do this from home! Let us know in the comments what you got rid of to encourage others to do the same!

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