Filmmaking leg 5: extraordinary way of life up close (video)

Like I wrote in the post about visiting a community called Inan Itah on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua. This was an extraordinary week. Maybe a week in our lives that made most impact on how we view the world. We ate a plant-based diet all week, we practiced yoga, sat in silence, walked around in the naked area, sat in a tiny hottub with 21 other people under the stars, had many many mind-shifting conversations and learned all about building a semi-self sustaining community. We experienced a life without waste. Just no garbage can because everything we used, ate, or threw out was natural. There was a pig who ate the waste that was not suitable to compost.

There are so many things to tell, maybe it is better to read the post about the visit to Inan Itah or watch the video :-). Or just ask us if you want to know or need a reference to visit this place yourself.

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