Filmmaking leg 3: crossing into El Salvador

An exciting part of the journey is about to start as we cross into unknown territory. Never before we traveled this far south. For the first time we drive into El Salvador towards our first destination, a small surfing village called El Tunco. Here we look for a small living community that runs its own school. In the exploration of new paths that challenge our normal, we meet people who take their lives off the beaten track, but we are also very interested in experiencing what it is to extend the right to learn for children beyond the typical classroom.

Unfortunately, we did not find the community we were looking for as it seized to exist. In 2019 we hope to visit several Waldorf / Montesori led schools in Central America, that we definitely will capture on video to show you a classroom that extends into the jungle. Check out the video to see the drive towards El Salvador and the interview with fellow-travelers Matti and Ingrid.

Family life on the road
In El Tunco we enjoyed the sun, the beach and interesting people we met. Isa explored and played in and around the van. This was not a formal campsite, so we needed to bathe her in a tub. She loves it. The hammock was a favorite item to climb. As you can see, we improvise while we travel. We don’t bring a high chair for Isa to sit in when she eats, so we use the carseat and put it on a table (don’t walk away from the table dad or I will wiggle myself on the floor ;-)). Just a great time.

Business life on the road
While we travel, we continue to work on our businesses. For this trip we put all the webdevelopment projects on hold so we would have time to actually travel and spend time in the ‘now’. We did spend some time coaching fellow digital nomad entrepreneurs setting up their location independent business. One rule we have: don’t work when the baby is awake. So you can imagine the hours we can work are limited. In this week at El Tunco we decided to stop the make-over of our online business program focussed on starting a location independent business. We had to make peace with the fact that the training program does its work and has proven to be effective. The redesign and improvement of the content has to wait until we have more time on our hands. At the moment it is a though decision that felt good once it was decided.

The picture below clearly is not a real picture of us ‘at work‘ but a staged photoshoot with filmdirector Marnix 😉


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