Celebrating 40 years of marriage

In january 2016 we spend a great, lovely time together as a family in Austria to celebrate the 40 years wedding celebration of Diana’s parents. It was very special because all of us were there, brothers, sisters and their partners, grandchildren, mom and dad. Even though we could not join in the skiing and snowboarding so much as taking care of our tiny babygirl was quite a challenge as first time parents, we enjoyed it very much.

We drove to Austria in the car of Stevens’ mom and made a few stops to feed and play with Isa. We arrived to a snowy Austria high up in the mountains when our car decided to break down. The night started to fall and the temperature dropped quickly outside. Fortunately the brother of Diana came to the rescue to towe us to a mechanic and to our final destinaton. Quite an adventure with a 2 month old baby and it reminded us to always be prepared: water, blankets and enough food. Even if we are close to the final destination. After being ‘rescued‘ by Diana’s brother, we arrived to a beautiful chalet villa that would be home to us for the coming week. All of the brothers and sisters plus mom and dad, had already arrived.

The days that followed some of us would go out to ski and snowboard and we would take turns sitting the kids. Isa just turned three months and we had to get the hang of taking care of her, nursing and also enjoying beautiful family time. Isa still was underweight and it took all our energy to take care of her, making sure she ate, slept and did not catch a cold. We took her from tropical Mexico, to below freezing Austria but she did wonderfully well througout the week. It was a pity though that especially Diana was not able to join the family and go out on the snowboard a lot. We did manage to have Diana join the greatest night of the week: rodeling! Steven took care of Isa those few hours and Diana went with the family rodeling. It was so much fun and I, Diana, cannot recall having so many laughs! 🙂  That week we cooked and ate together and played games in the house. During the day we would build snowmans or just sit in the sun with a nice drink. We loved being here in Austria and having such a special week as a family. We wouldn’t want to have missed it for the world! Thanks mom and dad for making this possible!


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