Away but close

Mexico, the starting point of our journey, sits on the other side of the globe, about 9200 kilometers from Amsterdam. This feels like being really far away! But we want to stay close to the people we love. We don’t want to miss out on some of the exciting things you are experiencing and doing, we will be away but we are always close. We have figured out how we can stay in touch with our family: to our sister and brothers, brothers and sisters-in-law and see how our first nephew Milan grows and develops, how we can be available for our clients, since business has to continue as usual. And where would we be without our friends?

We have come up with a number of channels to stay connected with the ones we love and miss while we are traveling and working abroad that we will discuss in this post. Of course there is the website you are reading right now, which will soon have posts in Dutch and Spanish as well (zeker wel!). We love it when you leave a message for us on our blogposts. We always read those with a lot of love. But there are some other ways to reach us when we are gone:

Facebook, Twitter, Skype and email
Both Steven and me have a Facebook page on which we post regularly, in particular about experiences which we personally want to share. You can also expect regular updates on our twitter accounts @dianavermeij and @szwerink. We both have a Skype account to call via the Internet. You can reach me, Diana via the username dianavermeij on Skype. Steven can be reached on Skype with his username deschoen (weirdest nickname right? Don’t ask…). Look up our names in Skype and add us as a contact. After adding us as a contact, you can see when we are online on Skype and call us if you want to catch up or ask us a question. Sending us an old style email is still possible too 😉 Write to diana.vermeij at gmail dot com or szwerink at gmail dot com.

We are taking our mobile phones with our current Dutch cell phone numbers. Whenever you need us, send us a text message and we will reply to that. Calling us on our Dutch phone numbers is expensive. We have found a way to make that cheaper! Since last week, we have a Mexican cell phone number: 0052  5545146581. We have found a service called Tele0900, which lets you call our Mexican phone number for 0.13 euro cents a minute. Calling to a Mexican landline is even cheaper (0.06 euro cents). That landline number will be added to this post later when we are physically in Mexico. So to use these fees from the Netherlands do the following:

Dial: 0900-9640 then press 0052  5545146581 and then press #.
To end the call, press ##

Internet access

Access to the Internet is very important and we had budgeted quite a large amount of money for that. Luckily we have found a sponsor who is donating two mobile SIM cards to access the internet from our laptops and phone. We have a limit of 1GB each every month for the duration of our trip, which is awesome! We are very thankful to our sponsor and we are giving back ideas, working sessions and a workshop for their mobile and online strategy to grow their company’s offering. This sponsor has chosen to remain anonymous and we respect this wish.

To close this post, I would like to mention our newsletter again which you can subscribe to. You will receive an email when we have posted a new message on this blog! We are looking forward to experiment with all these kinds of ways to communicate and we are intending to keep up with all your lives and what happens here in the Netherlands!Please write us, text us, post a message on our Facebook pages, call our Mexican cell, call us via Skype or leave a message to our posts here on this website. We love reading them and remain connected as best as we can!! This way we are away but close!

  • Cees de Wildt
    Posted at 18:55h, 28 November

    En Skype dan??

    • steven
      Posted at 14:01h, 29 November

      Eerst lezen Cees! 😉

  • Carolien
    Posted at 22:45h, 28 November

    Lieverds, dankjewel voor deze uitgebreide info. Ik ga jullie op alle mogelijke manieren volgen en updaten!! Tot zaterdag.x

    • steven
      Posted at 14:01h, 29 November

      Tot zaterdag Caro! We gaan er een mooi feestje van maken!!