The Wide Open Road

A family of two three four (almost five) Dutch travellers on a journey exploring our beautiful world together. Since 2011 the road ahead unfolds as we go: wide, open and filled with opportunities. We intent to experience it consciously and with open minds and adventurous hearts.




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Year old VW bus

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It has been a great travel leg in the Riviera Maya area for the last few months. In this post a recap of our adventures.   We decided to t...

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Our family

Diana Vermeij

A proud mom with an adventurous heart and open mind. Responsible for our start in Mexico in 2011 and for buying Nina the van. She's observant like her son and an active listener who doesn't need a lot of words to say a lot.

Steven Zwerink

Steven is high- energy and curious. He takes his kids around the world, introducing them to so many beautiful things. He is a problem-solver and loves to fix things on the road. He loves running.

Isa Mae Zwerink Vermeij (2015)

Born in Mexico with hair as bright as the sun and eyes blue like the Caribbean ocean. A young spirit with a lot of energy and lust for life. She speaks two languages but ignores her parents in both;)

Vesper Adrian Zwerink Vermeij (2017)

An observant, sensitive and playful boy. He's an easy-going Mexican with Dutch roots. He's outgoing and expressive. Everything he sees and experiences is felt and tasted to the fullest.

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Alewijnsweer 2, 3363 JL SLIEDRECHT, The Netherlands.


Every year we spend four to six months in The Netherlands, followed by a travel leg to explore more of our beautiful world. Use this page to follow our adventures as we chose not to be visible on Facebook or Instagram.