The Wide Open Road

A family of two three four travellers on a journey exploring our internal and external world. Since 2011 the road ahead of us unfolds as we go: wide, open and filled with opportunities. We intent to experience it consciously and with an open heart.

The Bus

Meet our 46-year old VW Kombi Westfalia (T2). It is a female and her name is Nina. Part of the year, we make our way with her through Central America. She became part of our team in 2012 and showed us what the word freedom really means.

Our Mobile Home

Since 2018 we spend our summer months in Holland living in and working from this mobile home. It is a huge upgrade from living in the bus and great to be close to friends and family and have our own place. We have cows in our 'garden'!

Stories from the road

From the beginning of February 2019, we are embarking on a new journey crossing Costa Rica in the van. This time our baby boy Vesper (14 months) is joining us. Make sure to subscribe to stay up to date. We choose not to use social media.

Our story

We are Diana and Steven Zwerink from The Netherlands. We are chosen life partners and a unlawfully married couple. In 2011 we embarked upon a one-year adventure: run our web development company remotely while traveling Central America. One year in, we spend all of our savings but managed to make money building websites and producing video for companies in The Netherlands. The experiment had been a succes and we strongly felt it was an invitation to explore life on our own terms. And so we did. Mid 2012, in our first year of travel, we found a 1972 VW Kombi on our path. Her name is Nina. We have been traveling in the van on and off for several years now. We love slow travel and usually stay at one place for a few months. We celebrated our love during a barefoot ‘wedding‘ in Mexico in 2013. Over the  years we had the opportunity to see parts of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the United States, China, Indonesia, India, Thailand and Spain (the last 5 countries without van).

Family life
Since november 2015 we form a nomadic family with our daughter (2015) and son (2017). They travel with us and it is our deepest wish to spend as much time with each other and with them as we possibly can. Time is the profit from our own entrepreneurial endeavour. It enables us to grow to our fullest potential and also give back to the people we meet in life. It enables us to help our kids experience the world, teach them how to make choices from the heart and create or build the things they love as they grow up. We do go back to the Netherlands every year to be with our families. When we do, usually in the summer months, we live in a mobile home. We love to provide a educational and development base for our children through travel: pick up skills by doing, following example and experimenting. We look to spend time with experts in their fields from whom to learn specific knowledge that follows the interest of our children.




Years on the road




Old 1972 bus

Our professional lives

Lifestyle company
While on the road in 2012, people kept asking us: how to you work remotely and travel at the same time? How do you make money? How do you prepare for such a life? How do I build a life doing the work I love? We started a dutch blog called Wonderlijk Werken to answer all the questions we got via email. From there it grew into a company as we hosted our first business startup bootcamp for Dutch clients in Mexico in august of 2013. Our company followed us wherever we went. We told stories of change from our own lives: going from a corporate career to (remote) entrepreneurship and full-time travel. We found a way to live on our own terms (in the broadest sense of the word) and inspire others to do the same. Since the start, many have trained with us to get the hang of setting and guarding their own boundaries that, with persistence and focus, will lead them to a life on their own terms and based on a set of values core important to their person. To fuel all of the change, we help people set up their own startup company with their their unique gift to the world as a starting point.

Business life
We organize an online business program for people looking to start a life as a digital nomad. We also help people rediscover their spark after burn-out or after being let go by their employer. Often this endeavour becomes an entrepreneurial one. Besides the online programs, we offer 7-days business startup bootcamps at various locations in the world. Wherever we go, we teach and train: in Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain (Tenerife) and The Netherlands. We both hold an university level Master in Economics (Diana) and Marketing (Steven) but the majority of our knowledge and skill is autodidactical, or self-taught. In the content of our trainingprograms you’ll find a myriad of entrepreneurship experiences we had over the years as well as skills we use to help build businesses. Think of building startup websites, creating marketing strategies, designing services and effective communication processes with customers.

Our adventures on a map

Our adventures on a map

Our family

Diana Vermeij

A proud mom with an adventurous heart and open mind. Responsible for our start in Mexico in 2011 and for buying Nina the van. She's observant like her son and an active listener who doesn't need a lot of words to say a lot.

Steven Zwerink

A dad to die for, he has been called numerous times. He proves it to his kids every day with the choices he makes. Like his daughter, Steven is high- energy and curious. A born entrepreneur who dares to trust his instincts.

Isa Mae Zwerink Vermeij (2015)

Born in Mexico with hair as bright as the sun and eyes blue like the Caribbean ocean. A young spirit with a lot of energy and lust for life. She speaks two languages but ignores her parents in both;)

Vesper Adrian Zwerink Vermeij (2017)

An observant and playful young baby boy. He's an easy-going Mexican with Dutch roots. Everything he sees and experiences is new and must be felt and tasted to the fullest.

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Contact us

Alewijnsweer 2, 3363 JL SLIEDRECHT, The Netherlands.



Every year we spend four to six months in The Netherlands, followed by a travel leg to explore more of our beautiful world. Use this page to follow our adventures as we chose not to be visible on Facebook or Instagram.